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NEINVER is one of the leading companies in the European real estate market. The company is an investor, developer and property governor. NEINVER currently operates in six countries: Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Portugal. NEINVER is present in Poland since 2000.
FACTORY states for outlet centres that are offering well-known and highly valuable Polish and international brands, always cheaper from 30 to 70%. FACTORY Outlet Centres operate successfully in four Polish cities: Warsaw (Ursus Annopol), Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow.
GALLERIA KATOWICKA is one of the most modern shopping centre in southern Poland. Combined with the railway and underground bus terminal in the centre of Katowice, it creates a highly advanced Integrated Centre for Communication and Trade.
 GALLERIA KATOWICKA, on the 53 thousands of square meters, gathers shops of favourite brands of Silesia inhabitants.
BLOMEDIA specializes in supporting Polish bloggers and vloggers and content marketing in the blogosphere. The company works with nearly three hundred most recognizable Polish bloggers.
In the past two years Blomedia has organized more than one hundred campaigns, among others, for brands such as AXA, Nokia, LG, Unilever, Mazda and Ford.
PKP is the largest provider of IT services dedicated for companies in the transport and logistics.
Prokuratoria Generalna
Office of the General  Attorney leads the representation in proceedings in front of the ordinary courts and the Supreme Court