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The presence of the company in media and its good partnership relations with the representatives of the mass media are often the most difficult tasks for PR people. This applies both to debuting companies or projects and to those with established market position.

Think about how you want to be perceived. Why your business activities might be interesting to others. Create a plan for these activities. Only systematic work has a chance to make the difference, which counts.

We work over the entire area of media relations – companies and institutions, leading their press offices, as well as those related to the specific project. We operate both on the national and local ground with general and specialized media. We organize press conferences and special events.

Our range of activities include:

  • running the press office
  • conferences and press briefings
  • delivering press releases to media
  • study meetings: stationary and away
  • special events with the participation of journalists
  • maintenance of websites and social networking profiles in the media
  • entering information on the forums
  • monitoring media and internet