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Crisis may be the result of unexpected events or mistakes in management. It can be generated by a number of factors beyond our control. The crisis can destroy or negatively affect the reputation of the manager, organization or company. Badly managed crisis situations can destroy the carefully built image of the finest projects and the best people.

Properly conducted crisis communication prevents such situations. It prepares for operations in every possible scenario, and limits the negative consequences of emergencies.

In the fightback operation first counts:

  • speed of communications activities
  • the intensity and effectiveness team’s work
  • experienced PR team
  • openness to changes in the organization or person involved in the crisis
  • learning lessons from crises

Mindset Communication Support Team participated many times in the prevention and resolution of major crisis scenarios in many companies. We offer a wide range of service associated with protection against negative occurrences:

  • communication audit
  • strategies and crisis communications plans preparing for actions in crisis
  • practising crisis scenarios